Dear Fr. Jim Tierney,

How old are the characters of all your books. I know that Tess is three and Tim is five. Please send me a list of all the characters names and ages.

Our backyard has only one solitary tree and is deciduous. It is not very tall and can have a tree house only half the size of Tim and Tess' tree house.

Our lawn is quite good for a big tent. I love the Bush Boys books and I am making a Bush Boys team myself but still have no one. Even though we live in the city I am glad I have two chickens like Bernie but he might have more or less chickens. But don't tell anyone!

Peter Curtis

Dear Fr. Jim,

That picture of Mother Mary card can be opened showing the four Mysteries: Joyful, Light, Sorrowful and Glorious. Let Julian find out for himself. Can Julian read? Can you send me a note of how old the people are? e.g. Peter, John, the high school grammar gang. Can I have a copy of The Adventures of Squiggles and Squinter.

Your letter arrived on Thursday which was very thrilling for me. Poor Julian! Please send me me the booklet Under the Southern Cross.

When would Julian be out of Hospital and would he get better?

Jack Lawson

Dear Fr. Tierney,

I can repeat the "Starch" poem that Fr. John O'Neill wrote at Erskine Creek in the Blue Labyrinth, Glenbrook, Blue Mountains National Park, 23rd November, 1987. It's a beaut poem.

I have been to the Blue Mountains once. My Christmas present was the New Boys in the Bush book. I have changed my name Jack Lawson. I will not follow Joe's bad actions. May you go to heaven the second you die!

I would like you to write another Bush Boys book. I would like it to be a story with a very happy end.


Peter Curtis

Dear Fr. Tierney,

I enjoyed reading a book you wrote called Bush Boys on the Move. Here is a poem that your friend wrote on the book.

The Ranger looked upon the place where fifty bags had been
And camped five days, but not a trace of campsite could be seen
"I know who led this show" he said "Jim Tierney's on the march,
The master of the camper's art, with his little bit of starch".

There is more than this but I can't write all. Please ask your friend and you to write more poetry on Bush Boys books and send them to us in a box or (anything) as well as a return letter.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Curtis

Dear Fr. Jim

Today, I have just received your newsletter. Peter and I were delighted to receive it. In January, Dad has one week of work. He promised us that unless Mum has a better project, we will build a tree house in our tree. The tree overhangs our sandpit. Peter is telling everyone, that when he is turning 8 (which is not until 6/4/08), he is getting a mountain bike from the same brand that the Bush Boys got theirs.

He would like you to send him the name of the company that the Bush Boys got their bikes from. (Ha Ha!)

Thanks for all your letters,

Joseph Curtis

Dear Father Tierney

I am son of Paul Kelly, my name is John. I love your Bush Boys books and want to see if you will write any other books. Will you? "Oh please do" and if you don't Oh no what can I do. I bet your books are level with The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Oh I wish I was a Bush boy like Greg or Cuthbert. I have finished Bush Boys and now I am reading Cuthbert joins the Bush Boys. Now I MUST ask you this question. Why do you put the phrase "Shut up" in you books? Well I'm not speaking to you on the phone.

My full name is John Francis Kelly. I'd love to hear the answers to my questions.

God bless you.


P.S. Was Ned Kelly a hero?

John Kelly

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