Father Tierney's Handouts are designed to be clear, brief and easily assimilated by all and cover a variety of subjects including catechetical, evangelical, liturgical, apologetics, polemics, scripture, virtues, character, grammar, maths, camping ...........

A Catechism About Catechisms Handout No. 1 VIEW
Australian Bush Catechism of Camping Handout No. 2 VIEW
Between You And Me Handout No. 3 VIEW
Pastoral Councils Help Foster Pastoral Action Handout No. 4 VIEW
How To Write A Story Handout No. 5 VIEW 
The Great 'O' Antiphons for Advent II Handout No. 6 VIEW
Authentic Liturgy Handout No. 7 VIEW
St. Joseph The Worker Handout No. 8 VIEW
How To Write A Strong Letter Handout No. 9 VIEW
Bishops & Priests - Teachers of Faith Handout No. 10 VIEW
The 3Cs Handout No. 11 VIEW
Classroom Catechist Handout No. 12 VIEW
Catholic Family Catechism in 50 Q&A Handout No. 13 VIEW
Catholic Family Catechism in 50 Q&A Mini-Edition Handout No. 14 VIEW
Anointing Of The Sick Handout No. 15 VIEW
The Noble Art of Reading Aloud Handout No. 16 VIEW
Pythagoras Theorem Handout No. 18 VIEW
Trigonometry Handout No. 19 VIEW
What Am I Giving Up For Lent? Handout No. 20 VIEW
My Way Of Life Handout No. 21 VIEW
Bush Boys On The Move Handout No. 22 VIEW
Benediction Hymns Handout No. 24 VIEW
Bibles and Commentaries Handout No. 26 VIEW
God and the Soul Handout No. 27 VIEW
The Best People are Home-made Handout No. 28 VIEW
Complimentary and Complementary Handout No. 31 VIEW
'Sex-ed' Violates Subsidiarity Handout No. 33 VIEW
Compendium of the Catechism Handout No. 35 VIEW
Dies Irae Handout No. 37 VIEW
Paper Called A4 Handout No. 38 VIEW
Introduction to Vatican II for High School Handout No. 40 VIEW
Early Easter 2008 Handout No. 41 VIEW
Copy Book Maxims Handout No. 42 VIEW
Freedom Handout No. 43 VIEW
Snippets from Fr. Tierney's Daily Log Book Handout No. 44 VIEW
Riches in the Catholic Family Catechism Handout No. 45 VIEW
Exiles, Come Home Handout No. 46 VIEW
Kneel, Genuflect, Bow Handout No. 47 VIEW
Driving with Goodwill Handout No. 48 VIEW
More from the Daily Log Handout No. 49 VIEW
Gospel Kneeling to Jesus Handout No. 50 VIEW
Praying to Saints and Honouring Relics Handout No. 51 VIEW
Married to the Church Handout No. 52 VIEW
Altars with Tabernacles Handout No. 53 VIEW
Bush Boys Books - More Than Adventures Handout No. 54 VIEW
Papal Gems and Lesser Treasures Handout No. 55 VIEW
The Apostles' Creed Handout No. 56 VIEW
No Errors in the Bible Handout No. 57 VIEW
Shonky Handout No. 58 VIEW
Post-Advent Resolutions for a New Year & Lent Handout No. 59 VIEW
Fairies, Faith and Fantasy Handout No. 60 VIEW
The Church of the 1950s Revisited Handout No. 61 VIEW
New Translations for Mass in English Handout No. 62 VIEW
Squiggles and Squinter Handout No. 63 VIEW
Treasures Old & New Handout No. 64 VIEW
Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother Handout No. 65 VIEW
Beauty and the Beasts Handout No. 66 VIEW
Hidden Beauty of Quadrilaterals Handout No. 67 VIEW
Ideas and Ideals for the Great Outdoors Handout No. 68 VIEW
Family Catechetics Handout No. 69 VIEW
Vocations to the Priesthood Handout No. 70 VIEW
A Liturgy "Awesome & Wondrous" Handout No. 71 VIEW
Praying the Opus Dei Handout No. 72 VIEW
Lost and Found Handout No. 73 VIEW
True Ecumenism Handout No. 74 VIEW
Beatification of Cardinal Newman Handout No. 75 VIEW
Ideas for a Catholic Family Apologetics Catechism Handout No. 76 VIEW
Count Your Blessings Handout No. 77 VIEW
Development of Doctrine Handout No. 78 VIEW
Liturgical Holiness Handout No. 79 VIEW
Fun with Figures Handout No. 80 VIEW
Manners Maketh Man Handout No. 81 VIEW
More Snippets from the Daily Log Book of Ideas Handout No. 82 VIEW
Linear and Lateral Thinking Handout No. 83 VIEW
Catholic Family Catechism of the Devout Life Handout No. 84 VIEW
The Holy Name Society Handout No. 85 VIEW
Sundry Snippets Handout No. 86 VIEW
Catholic Family Apologetics Catechism Handout No. 87 VIEW
Snippets Again from the Daily Log Book of Ideas Handout No. 88 VIEW
Pandora's Catechetics, A Papal Memorization List - Use it! Handout No. 89 VIEW
Bible Reading Handout No. 90 VIEW
Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of your Child Handout No. 91 VIEW
Rhythms in Reciprocals and Verses Handout No. 92 VIEW
The Coming of Compulsory Euthanasia Handout No. 93 VIEW
Vocation?, Reluctant Prophets Handout No. 94 VIEW
Good Motives and with Good Means Handout No. 95 VIEW
The Holy One, The Evil One Handout No. 96 VIEW
The Our Father and The Angelus Handout No. 97 VIEW
Catholic Words and Morse Code Handout No. 98 VIEW
Snippets Galore Handout No. 99 VIEW
Becoming a Cathechist Handout No. 100 VIEW
Some Particular Catechectical Skills and Books by Non-Catholics Handout No.101 VIEW
Good News for Families Handout No. 102 VIEW
Adam and Eve Handout No. 103 VIEW
Meditating on These Mysteries... Handout No. 104 VIEW
Pastoral Thinking Handout No. 105 VIEW
Pulleys and Square Roots Handout No. 106 VIEW
Confirmation and The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit Handout No. 107 VIEW
Fortieth Anniversary of Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Handout No.108 VIEW
The Lord's Prayer Handout No. 109 VIEW
Marriage and Governments, Seven!, Communion from the Chalice, The Equations of Motion Handout No. 110 VIEW
Pre-Evangelisation Handout No. 111 VIEW
Home Tutoring Handout No. 112 VIEW
Defending Marriage Handout No. 113 VIEW
God and Science Handout No. 114 VIEW
A Little Way of Homeschooling Handout No. 115 VIEW
Australia Needs Mothers Handout No. 116 VIEW
Marriage Handout No. 117 VIEW
Snippets from a Mind Awake Handout No. 118 VIEW
The Catholic Family Handout No. 119 VIEW
The Family in the Context of Evangelisation Handout No. 120 VIEW
Christ's Pastoral Action - General Strategies Handout No. 121 VIEW
Christ's Pastoral Solution - Specific Tactics Part 1 Handout No. 122 VIEW
Christ's Pastoral Solutions - Specific Tactics Part 2 Handout No. 123 VIEW
What's to be Done? The Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the context of Evangelization Handout No. 124 VIEW
Vital Reading for today's Disciples; Happy Birthday, Father Jim Handout No. 125 VIEW
Memorisation & Remembering & Understanding Handout No. 126 VIEW
Maths for Muddlers Handout No. 127 VIEW
Prayer Cards for Photocopying Handout No.128 VIEW
Sociologist Fallen among the Secular Theologians Handout No. 129 VIEW
Encourage other parents to catechize at home Handout No.130 VIEW
Marian Girls Handout No.131 VIEW
Growing up - the Great Adventure Handout No. 132 VIEW
Go, teach all Nations Handout No. 133 VIEW
Australian Ordinariate for Convert Anglicans Handout No. 134 VIEW
Facing God and facing Godward Handout No. 135 VIEW
My priestley Ministry Handout No. 136 VIEW
Marriage and Mistaken Equalities Handout No. 137 VIEW
The Word of God Handout No. 138 VIEW
A Mixed Grill of Relevant Snippets Handout No.139 VIEW
Christians - "In this Si+gn, conquer" 2017 for Christ Handout No. 140 VIEW
Enthusing the Wayward Adolescent Handout No. 141 VIEW
Faith, Family, Freedom Handout No. 142 VIEW
Religion and Life Handout No. 143 VIEW
The Law of God is the Will of God Handout No. 144 VIEW
Change Agents, Duped Mutants, Warm Fuzzies Handout No. 145 VIEW
What's gone wrong and how to fix it Handout No. 146 VIEW
Spirituality for Priests.  Spirituality for Laity Handout No. 147 VIEW
News for my Friends Handout No. 148 VIEW
Repent and Believe in the Gospel Handout No. 149 VIEW
Christ Conquers Confusion & Corruption Handout No. 150 VIEW
Silence, Humility, Faith, Hope, Charity: Speak Handout No 151 VIEW
Vatican II versus Satanic Sabotage, Extremism in Educational Enthusiasm Handout No 152 VIEW
Getting Operational Handout No 153 VIEW
A Public Address System - the "Blahwah" Handout No 154 VIEW
The Religious Formation of Boys Handout No 155 VIEW
Freedom of Religion (Part 1) Handout No 156 VIEW
Four Freedoms in Feedom of Religion (Part 2) Handout No 157 VIEW
Governments and Compatability with Religions (Part 3) Handout No 158 VIEW
Lessons from Recent Canadian Experiences (Part 4) Handout No 159 VIEW
John L.Tierney, Teacher Extraordinary Handout No 160 VIEW
Quadratic Equations Handout No 161 VIEW
The Way Forward; Virtue, our "Way Forward" Handout No 162 VIEW
Christianity, a Revealed Religion - and the status of human thought Handout No 163 VIEW
Catholic Family Catechism Disciples Edition II in 50 Questions and Answers Handout 164-1 VIEW
The Australian Bush Catechism of Camping Handout 164-2 VIEW
Undoing the dis-education of Millennials Handout No 165 VIEW
Plenary 1. A Submission being sent direct to Bishops Handout No 166 VIEW
Plenary 2. Contents of this Submission Handout No 167 VIEW
Plenary 3. Part 1 - Christ Jesus Our Lord Handout No 168 VIEW
Plenary 4. The Reform of the Reform of the Liturgy (continued) Handout No 169 VIEW
Plenary 5. Part 2 - Catechetics in Christian Doctrine Handout No 170 VIEW
Plenary 6. Family Catechetics Handout No 171 VIEW
Plenary 7. Part 3 - Confession Handout No 172 VIEW
Plenary 8. Natural Morality (Natural Moral Law) Handout No 173 VIEW
Plenary 9. Part 4 - Conception Handout No 174 VIEW
Plenary 10. Priesthood is for the Conception of Saints in the Communion of Saints and Conclusion Handout No 175 VIEW
Plenary 11. Appendix Handout No 176 VIEW
Creed or Chaos Handout No 177 VIEW
97% of Scientists Agree on Nothing Handout No 178 VIEW
The Resurrection is NOT a Man-Made Myth Handout No 179 VIEW
Words as Weapons Handout No 180 VIEW
45th Anniversary Handout No 181 VIEW
Priest puts case for new Catechism Handout No 182 VIEW
NOT Who to BLAME but How to FIX IT Handout No 183 VIEW
Nuns for Breakfast Handout No 184 VIEW
Christ, by our Faith, Hope & Charity, Conquers Infiltration by Satan and his Espionage, Sabotage & Subversion Handout No 185 VIEW
John L Tierney, Teacher Extraordinary Handout No 186 VIEW
The Rise and Fall of the Third Rite Handout No 188 VIEW
Fatima - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Part 1 Handout No 189 VIEW
One Lord, One Faith, One Mass (Part 1) Handout No 190 VIEW
Liturgical Reconciliation (Part 2) Handout No 191 VIEW
Reconciling the 1962 Latin and 2011 English Mass (Part 3) Handout No 192 VIEW
VCII on the Liturgy is loyal to Pius XII Handout No 193 VIEW
Mind, Matter and Mathematics Handout No 195 VIEW
Blue and the Sheep Handout No 196 VIEW
Unfit to Survive - Evolution goes Extinct - Part 1 - Review of The Fall of Darwin's Last Icon Handout No 197 VIEW
Unfit to Survive - Evolution goes Extinct - Part 2 - Support from the recent past for John Wynne's "demomiltion of eveolution" in Part 1 Handout No 198 VIEW
Not Truth but "Relevance" Handout No 199 VIEW
The Presence of God and the Will of God Handout No 200 VIEW
A Catechism for Liturgical Reconciliation Handout No 201 VIEW
Puzzles, Proofs, Logic & Computers Handout No 202 VIEW
Prophet, Priest, King Handout No 203 VIEW
A Catechism About Catechisms in 50 Questions & Answers Handout No 204 VIEW
Catholic Family Catechism in 50 Questions & Answers Handout No 205 VIEW
Catholic Homeschooling - Open Letter to the Successors of the Apostles in Australia for the Fifth Plenary Council Handouts No 207 VIEW
Real Catholic Renewal - with Vatican II - Open Letter to the Successors of the Apostles in Australia for the Fifth Plenary Council Handouts No 208 VIEW
Christ achieves the TRANSFIGURATION of MAN in His Church by making His Mysteries become ours - Open Letter to the Successors of the Apostles in Australia
for the Fifth Plenary Council
Handouts No 210 VIEW
Fix the Flaws and Repent & Believe - First Priority: the Adoration of God - Open Letter to the Successors of the Apostles for the Fifth Plenary Council Handouts No 211 VIEW
The Coronavirus, Defences and Cures Handouts No 212 VIEW
God, the Mystery Awesome & Wondrous, the Creator of Everything Handouts No 213 VIEW
Guarding and Teaching the Sacred Deposit of Christian Doctrine - including Letter to Bishops of Australia Handouts No 214 VIEW
Love sinners including LGBT+ but correct their beliefs - including Letter to Bishops of Australia Handouts No 215 VIEW
A new religion is being forced on us in Australia - without a vision the people perish Handouts No 216 VIEW
Consecrated Celibacy is not the Problem, but the Solution given us by Jesus Christ as His sacrerdotes, Bridgegrooms with Him of His Church Handouts No 217 VIEW
Todays urgency is for A VOICE to be heard once more for Jesus Christ & Alliance for Responsible Citizenship Handouts No 218 VIEW
The Mass and the Resurrection Handouts No 219 VIEW
Meditation on the Pressence of God Handouts No 220 VIEW
Catechism background to Bush Boys books Handouts CFC+BB VIEW
Poor Father - The parish adventures of Father Freddy King by Fr John O'Neill December 2019 VIEW
Leo XIII and the Gods of Revolution October 1996 VIEW


Prayer for the intercession of St. Mary of the Cross    
A Litany of the Blessed Sacrament
(Print double-sided and Z-fold)
March 2012 VIEW
Catechetical Texts in Lord of the Rings November 2003 VIEW
Character and Precision December 2005 VIEW
Learning to Listen December 2005 VIEW
Pronouns and Piety December 2005 VIEW
Angels in the Preface January 2006 VIEW
More Snippets from Fr. Tierney's Log of Ideas July 2006 VIEW
Vera Doctrina March 2010 VIEW
Funding the Faith November 2010 VIEW
Onward Christian Soldiers November 2010 VIEW
Praying before and after Mass
(Print double-sided and Z-fold)
August 2011 VIEW
Preparing for the Universal Catechism.
A Paper Presented to the 1989 Annual Convention of the Australian Association of Catholic Clergy
by Rev B J H Tierney.
(47 pages - 3.1 Mb download)
July 1989 VIEW


Book News 48, 49 October 2013 VIEW
Book News 50 November 2013 VIEW
Faith Resources 51 March 2014 VIEW
Faith Resources 52 May 2014 VIEW
Faith Resources 53 October 2014 VIEW
Faith Resources 54 January 2015 VIEW
Faith Resources 55 May 2015 VIEW
Faith Resources 56 August 2015 VIEW
Faith Resources 57 December 2015 VIEW
Faith Resources 58 January 2016 VIEW


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