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Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Inc.

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Our online store reflects our actual store at St Marys and offers the same customer service. The advantage of our online store is that you can shop from anywhere in Australia and at any time that suits you.

On your first visit to when you wish to buy an item, you may create a customer account. You enter your name, address, email address as this information is required for billing and shipping. If you check the box to create an account for future use you only have to enter the information once. You can also email us about your status as a Religious, Catechetical teacher, Bookshop or Piety Store. Our manager will assign you to a pertinent customer group with the appropriate discount. Then every time you visit to make a purchase, all you have to do is enter your account name and password and the forms are automatically filled for you  from our database. For security reasons, you define your payment method each time and we offer Paypal.

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