Bush Boys is the camping adventures of the city Cumberlands, Peter and John, and their mountain cousins. Its setting is the Wild Bush Mountains, where Nature is still untamed in all its wild and lyric beauty.

Bush Boys short chapters are ideal for reading in bed, curled up in a comfy chair or aloud at home or school. You'll wish you were sitting at a campfire or in a tent, enjoying the real thing.

Bush Boys also offers vital know-how for readers who are planning a bush adventures.

The seven books in the Bush Boys series (now in six volumes) grew out of the Australian Bush Catechism of Camping written to defend the Catholic Family Catechism.  Read the Handouts "Catechism background to Bush Boys books".



The first three chapters of Bush Boys can now be enjoyed as audio files.

Click on to access the relevant chapter or right click and use the "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" feature of your web browser to save these files in a specified destination on your computer.

Chapter One 4.42MB
Chapter Two 1.00MB
Chapter Three 7.29MB


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